Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Swim Workouts for Weight Loss

Swim workouts for weigh loss is one of the best and fastest ways to lose weight.  When swimming you are using all your muscles for a full body workout.  Plus if you are on the heavy side or have knee or back problems this will make it much easier for your body to handle and less prone to injury's.  As your body gets stronger and lighter working out of the pool will become easier.
Swimming laps is the top swim workout for weight loss as you will burn maximum calories as you kick and pull your body thorough the water.  Start out slowly and shot for swimming the length of the pool and then adding increments each time day.  Use freestyle and when you get to tired switch up to sidestroke or breaststroke, butterfly or even the backstroke.

Looking for even a better workout you can get dumbbells for water use.  These can be used for various pool workouts and provide even more resistance.

Overall the best bet for the money is to swim laps if you can these will provide the maximum weight loss in the shortest period of time.

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