Thursday, October 22, 2009

P90X Works Only for Certain People

When Beachbody came out with the P90X program on TV it was one of the best programs out there and still is. The one thing you must follow in the P90X program is the diet. Without following the diet you won't make much progression towards the new you. If you have not been working out before I would suggest you get the power 90 first and then after 90days of the power 90 progress to the p90x. Tony Horton does a great job in both videos and I hope to look as good as he does for his age. He will get your heart pumping and muscles bulging if you follow his plan. For you ladies adding the muscle on will slim you down and firm you up in this p90x. I give both the power 90 and P90X two thumbs up in providing a great workout routine.

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