Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Water the Most Important Weapon in Staying Healthy

Drinking Water Mixed with Berries

After oxygen, water is the most crucial element humans need for survival.  Furthermore, getting enough water can help prevent overeating.

Very few people get enough water each day.  Even though it's probably okay to drink when you are thirsty (barring any unusual medical conditions such as kidney failure or dementia) lots of folks do not even recognize thirst anymore until it is extreme.

We commonly confuse our thirst with hunger, causing us to snack rather than taking a gulp of water.

 A few tips on staying hydrated:

Have a water bottle by your side at all times.

Don't purchase other beverages if you are bad about quenching your thirst with juice or soda, just quit purchasing these items.  If your partner insists on keeping them in the home, ask them to keep it where you won't see it each time you open the refrigerator.

Fill a pitcher of water the night before and sit in the refrigerator. This is particularly useful if you drink filtered water.  Sure, it is not that difficult to find water as you go, but making the healthy choice, the easy option is among the best ways to remain on track.

In case you've got difficulty remembering to drink water during the day, consider setting a timer on your phone or watch.  Just be careful not to overdo it!  You do not want it to become annoying. Just make sure you have a swig occasionally. Not thirsty, then do not drink.  However, you may realize that you are actually thirsty and did not even know it until prompted.

If plain water is just plain indifferent to you, find a way to make it fancy.  Use frozen fruit to cool your water, or place cut up citrus pieces to a water jug you keep in the refrigerator.

It is okay to splurge on a water bottle that will encourage you to drink out of it more often.  If a camo aluminum water bottle makes you feel like a spy in the area, get it!  If you love the BPA-free water bottle with cats or zombies on it, then do it.  You do not need a major assortment of water bottles, but reusable water bottles are great for you and the environment.

Flavor your water if you just really, really can't tolerate the taste of plain water, think about spicing it up with a few of the numerous additives available.  There are packets and small boxes which could fit in a handbag or pocket.  Try to get one that has minimum chemicals-- no food colors or chilling preservatives, if at all possible.  There are lots of available today that use Stevia instead of Splenda or aspartame.  These products aren't perfect, but anything that makes you drink more water is an excellent idea.

Just keep in mind to try to drink half your body weight in water ounces. So if you weigh 200 pounds you want to drink 100 ounces of water a day.

Drinking plenty of water will help you feel more energized, detoxify your body and can even help with back pain. Go have a drink now!

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